Bloomfield Animal Clinic offers comprehensive physical exams and office visits, vaccinations, diagnostic testing along with medical, surgical and dental treatment for your pet.

DENTAL SERVICES: Complete dental prophylaxis (cleaning and polishing) as well as teeth extractions.

SURGERY: BAC is equipped to perform major surgical procedures as well as elective and emergency surgeries.

MEDICINE AND TREATMENTS: Diagnosis and in-hospital treatments are available for a wide variety of illnesses. 

PREVENTATIVE CARE: Vaccines and preventative medications are available at affordable prices

DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: Our Clinical Pathology Laboratory offers In-House tests as well as a complete Outside Laboratory Tests (Blood test, Urinalysis etc)

RADIOLOGY EXAM: X-Rays and Ultrasound services are available

REFERRALS: In the event your pet needs a specialty, referrals to Specialty Facility (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Neurology, Behavior, Oncology,etc) are available

DISCOUNT: In addition to our affordable prices in BAC we offer a Multi-pet Discount.

All the procedures (Surgery,Dental, X-Rays, etc.) are preformed in our facility at Bloomfield Animal Clinic, 245 Bloomfield Ave. in Bloomfield , NJ.


Todos los servicios que ofrecemos para sus mascotas se hacen en nuestro local de Bloomfield Animal Clinic, entre estos servicios tenemos:

Limpieza Dental y Extracciones

Cirugias de rutina: (castrasiones, ovariohisterectomias, etc.) y cirugias de emergencia 

Medicina Preventiva, vacunas etc.

Examenes de Laboratorio: Sangre,orina, etc. que se hacen en el Laboratorio de Bloomfield Animal Clinic y en en Laboratorios exteriores.

Rayos X y Ultasonidos

Referidos: Tambien hacemos referidos a especialistas (Medicina Interna, Cirugia especilizada, Neurologia, etc) en caso que su mascota lo requira

Descuentos Multi-mascotas:  Aparte de nuestros razonable precios, tambien ofrecemos descuentos por multi-mascotas.

Nuestro ambiento es muy acogedor y todos nuestros empleados hablan los dos idiomas.